Organic Real Whole Food

Our Body is designed to Recognize – Process – Assimilate nutrition from REAL WHOLE FOOD

Our Whole food-based supplements are naturally more NUTRIENT DENSE , in a form that closely resembles their natural state in whole foods, making them more bioavailable and easily recognizable by the body.

Nature doesn’t deliver, isolated vitamins. Whole plants provide a broad spectrum of phytonutrients, both known and unknown, that make raw plants the optimal source of nutrients. And at Organic Earth, we believe that nutrition should come from REAL FOOD, just the way your body naturally likes it.

Organic Earth brings together a complex matrix of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and phytonutrients – all in a single tablet or Capsule. Our supplements are crafted with proprietary blend of plant based nutrients – Organic fruits & vegetables like broccoli, carrots, oranges, blueberries, raspberries, goji berry, acai, wheat grass, oat grass, spirulina, quinoa,  kale, spinach, turmeric , herbs, and much more.  Our Calcium is sourced from pristine Marine Algae , Vitamin D from Lichen instead of processed animal based lanolin to keep our ingredients close to nature, wherever possible..

Fermentation Difference

Transforming Vitamins &  Minerals through fermentation is similar to creating fermented foods and beverages.

Easily digestible yogurt is fermented milk
Vegetables are fermented to Kimchi
Soy is broken down into gentle miso
Tea becomes vivacious kombucha

At Organic Earth,  we formulate our supplement with nutrients that are fermented to unlock all of their benefits so your body can really get the goodness packed within. Fermentation breaks down nutrients so they are pre-digested and ready for the body.

For every Organic Earth single nutrient formula, we start with the finest organic whole foods, quality-tested nutrients, to create easily digestible nutrients. Our method uses patented fermentation technology to enrobe each premium vitamin or mineral in a transformative super broth of organic Saccharomyces  yeast and organic whole foods. The yeast absorbs the nutrients into its cell structure and breaks them down. Finally, powerful fruit enzymes complete the tenderizing process of cell-wall breakdown and pre-digestion.

Goodness of Fermentation In Organic Earth

Enhanced Nutrient absorption – Fermentation can break down the nutrients in a supplement into more digestible forms, potentially improving their bioavailability
Reduced digestive discomfort and Gentle on stomach making Organic Earth range safe to be consumed even on empty stomach
Improved gut health: Fermented supplements often contain probiotics and beneficial bacteria that can support a healthy gut microbiome